Eric Clapton, Time Pieces: A Micro-Review

Eric Scheske
2 min readNov 13, 2022
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Clapton is conservative. Some would say “John Birchian,” but that’s alright. I’m always intrigued by folks who swim against their ideological stream (only a dead thing swims with the stream, observed Chesterton).

When I learned leftist icon Jack Kerouac cheered Joe McCarthy, I grinned.

When I heard that Clapton, the man who gave us the party anthem “Cocaine,” held unconventional views on mass immigration into England back in the 1970s, I was impressed. I’m not saying he was correct. I do congratulate anyone who is willing to think for himself and not just go along with convention.

Anyone who wants to dismiss Clapton as a musician because he’s conservative? They have to deal with this fabulous collection. It’s packed with great songs.

“Lay Down Sally” might be the best slow country blues song of all time.

“Promises” is a song so lovely that my Dad asked me to put it on a cassette tape for him.

“Willie and the Hand Jive” destroys any notion that Clapton doesn’t admire black people. (As does his later “Ridin’ with the King”)

“Swing Low Sweet Chariot” has gotta be the coolest hymn cover ever.

Bonus (if Early) Recommendation: Eric Clapton’s version of “Silent Night,” which he released in 2018. I know it’s not even Advent, but tuck this one away for use in six weeks.



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